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New Update with Function Adjustment and Optimizations

Jan 10, 2018

The new update upcoming on January 10th will bring so many feature adjustments including heirloom shop adjustments and Royal Crown Shard, a great many optimizations have been added and the bugs that you reported have been fixed. Now check what's new in the following.


Feature Adjustments

1 Heirloom shop adjustments:
*Book of Seal Shards and Royal Crown Shards added to Heirloom shop for purchase.
*Book of Seal Shard unlocks after clearing Nightmare 23-2 and costs 400 Heirloom Essence; 
Royal Crown Shard unlocks after clearing Nightmare 26-2 and costs 500 Heirloom Essence.
*Legendary Heirloom Shards are now sold with a weekly limit. Purchase limit resets every Monday at 12:00 AM.
*Weekly purchase limit of Royal Crown Shards is 20; weekly purchase limit of other legendary heirlooms in shop is 25. 

1 Guild Dungeon optimizations:
*Added descriptions of Boss skills for each Boss.
*Added range of Guild coins that can be acquired after challenging bosses.
2 Mineral War optimizations:
* Optimized screen layout
* Players can now quickly access Mine Search by clicking "+" in personal mine info area
* Added confirmation when attacking mines occupied by guild members
* Added chat function on info screen of mines occupied by guild members
* Added Skyfallen Chest info on info screen of mines
3 Opitimized the visual effects on some heroes
4 Opitimized layout of battle screen
5 Added Request All and Change All functions in Friends interface
6 Added Fast Blitz for Rune Souls in Elite Stage
7 Added 3X Speed for battles
8 Added Open 1, Open 5, and "Go to Booty Bay" buttons when opening Magistone shard chests
9 Added access buttons to hero and equipment progressions in Stage select interface

Bugs Fixed
1 Guild Bounty Weekly Rankings bug fixed:
Added missing description in acquiring Guild Bounty Weekly Rankings reward: Can claim weekly rankings reward when points reach 30
Fixed an issue with players with less than 30 points still being displayed on the Bounty weekly rankings
(Previously players with less than 30 points were listed in the Bounty weekly rankings, but they do not receive any rewards)
2 Corrected a wrong description in Arena: "If a battle runs out of time or ends in a draw, the defending side will be the winner" to "If battle runs out of time, the side with more HP percentage will be the winner"
3 Fixed a display error with Labyrinth difficulty 31 
4 Fixed an issue with Heirloom skills not changing after being advanced

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