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League of Angels: Paradise Land New Player 7-Day Guide: Day One!

Jun 9, 2017
First time logging into League of Angels: Paradise Land? Can’t wait to sink your teeth into this new RPG world full of thrills and adventure? Hopefully this guide can help you master the game quickly!


You can gain abundant rewards playing through Adventure for the first time, including rare resources such as Diamonds. Apart from beating the Bosses, completing the chapters with 3-Star will also merit extra lucrative rewards!   

Hero Progression

After acquiring your first heroes, raising their abilities should be your number one priority. You can use Experience Potions earned from Adventure to Enhance them, as well as Upgrade Stones to Upgrade. With careful planning, your mighty team of heroes will pave the way towards victory!

Enhancing and Refining Equipment

Enhancing and refining your equipment can raise your Battle Rating significantly in the early game. Both the gold needed for enhancement and the materials needed for refinement can be obtained by playing through Adventure. Don’t forget to improve your heroes by using these materials!


The Arena is the place where you can prove your strength to the world, and also a great bounty for the brave! Ranking up in the Arena can net you plenty of Diamonds and Hero Certificates. You can challenge players in the Arena up to five times per day for free. Complete the daily quests to get generous Arena rewards.

Booty Bay

Booty Bay’s Plunder system will become available after the player reaches Level 13. The Magistone Shards you plunder from other players can be used to raise your heroes’ stats by a significant margin. You can also get a ton of gold in Booty Bay. However, make sure to combine the Magistone Shards you plunder ASAP, or risk losing them to other players!


One of the most unique gameplay aspects of LOA: Paradise Land is Labyrinth, a mode that gives players a“Roguelike” game experience! Uncover the fog of war and make your way through each map to reveal terrifying monsters and discover hidden treasures! Use various items to help you defeat the monsters and move on to the next level.

Quests and Achievements

The Quest system will be available after the player reaches Level 9. Daily quests provide a consistent way for players to earn Diamonds. Players can also earn Diamonds through the Achievement system! Check the achievement requirements carefully and see if you can complete them all!

and Total Login Gifts

If you starting on a server that has just opened, you can receive abundant Diamonds and items simply by logging into the game every day. Apart from the standard login rewards, you can even gain powerful heroes when you for 3 and 7 days!

Collect and Send Stamina

After you use up your character Stamina, besides purchasing stamina potion, gifting between friends is also an important way to receive free energy. Come and invite your friends to join the game

The magical journey has already begun for thousands of players around the world! Did you find this day-1 guide helpful? Come and enjoy the thrill of an epic adventure with your friends in League of Angels: Paradise Land!

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