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Dora-the Angel of Desire Is Coming

Jun 12, 2017

Dora is the only child of the great Athena, ruler of the Midas Empire. She grew up in the affluence and safety of the royal family. She displayed amazing talent since childhood, be it runes, sword fighting or magic, she mastered them with ease. However, these are not exactly achievements for a girl that had her Angel power awaken at the age of three. Regarded as the Pearl of the Midas Empire, she became arrogant and proud. 

Her chitchatting caused havoc between the duke and his wife, tearing his family apart; Demolishing houses to find her lost cat, left several families homeless; Forcing farmers to accompany her traveling, making them miss the ideal sowing time. Eventually the people are tired of her willful actions. Yet her mother, busy ruling the Empire, cannot spare time to keep her under control.

Sensitive to others' feelings, Dora became increasingly abrasive, only Aphrodite, Angel of Love's soothing voice can calm her down. She was also the one fixing the havoc caused by Dora. Aphrodite's reputation surpassed Dora as a better Angel. On top of that, Athena, Dora's mother, was not satisfied with Dora's actions yet too occupied with her responsibilities as a ruler, practically ended communication with her daughter while constantly praised Aphrodite's efforts. Dora, jealous of Aphrodite, parted away from her gradually.

Dora broke from Aphrodite furiously when she found out some commoners came to Aphrodite asking for fixing the turmoil Dora had caused them, and Aphrodite, ever gentle and loving, did not punish them for bad-mouthing Dora. Dora felt betrayed, despite Aphrodite's endless efforts to mend their friendship. She practiced her Angel power, yet the more powerful she is, the lonelier she became. Dora's title has become "the Thorny Rose" from "the Pearl".

She became eccentric, disrespectful and arrogant. This became worse after she met an iron-faced jester. She was invincible on the battlefield, becoming the youngest Angel of Desire in history. She even defeated the unawakened Angel of Dragon, which further proved her strength. Yet she failed to have any true followers. Considering herself to be the heir to the throne, she was lost and confused: How could things be this way, if I'm already this strong? She did not understand the lecture her mother gave her about modesty, about protection. She just wanted recognition from the people. 

Without mother or Aphrodite, she relied on the iron-faced jester for consultation. He told her, that she could be the strongest pure-blood Angel in the world. There's only one thing to be done in order to earn this title, which is eliminating the strongest opponent the Angels has ever faced: The Prime Evil.  Yes! Killing the arch-nemesis of the Angels would surely prove herself to the world.

To find the Prime Evil, Dora searched through ancient tomes to find the forbidden spell that conjurers them to this world. She then sneaked into the Room of Stone, using the gem and runes embedded on the Sword of Mercy to challenge the Prime Evil deep inside the galaxy. A war was initiated. Children who play with fire burn themselves eventually.

The Prime Evil, now aware of the Angel's whereabouts, using the spiritual link Dora established between them to produce a mirror of himself in Sapphire- the Shadow of the Prime Evil, seizing control of Dora completely. Under his control, Dora released the monsters sealed underneath the Tree of Life. A scourge of evil sweep through Sapphire, Angels and other species are all facing tremendous challenge to stay alive.

Aphrodite arrived when Dora was about to turn to a puppet of the Prime Evil, she sang to the soul of Dora, released her from the Prime Evil's grasp. Knowing that the Prime Evil has unleashed himself on this world, Dora was not ashamed, nor felt sorry for the tragedies and turmoil she brought upon this world. She felt excited, knowing that the moment to prove herself had finally arrived.

Even Aphrodite's pleading wouldn't stop her. She sacrificed too much to let it go. Despite being a genius among the Angels, Dora was no match for the Prime Evil. Aphrodite was also heavily injured while protecting Dora. Luckily the arrival of the Angel of Dragon prevented further attacks from the Prime Evil. Desperate, Dora's second phase power awoke. A powerful surge of Life Share saved the lingering Aphrodite.

Even the Angel of Dragon could not confine the Prime Evil and had to retreat. War spread across Sapphire, countless cities were destroyed, blood and fire was everywhere. Dora, whose initial beliefs were completely crushed, paid a heavy price for her desire. She was charged with treason, imprisoned for an eternity to reflect on her terrible sins.

To redeem her foolish daughter, the Angel of Protection spent all her might to defeat the Shadow of Prime Evil, suffered heavy injuries. Yet the resurrected monsters were well and alive, tearing Sapphire apart. The League of Angels eventually eliminated the resurrected Legion of Darkness, but that's another story.

The Angel of Desire's story was long forgotten since then. It is not until Norris and his companion found the ancient seal and opened it did Dora once again roam the world. The released Angel of Desire lost her youthful arrogance and pride, instead she was calm and silent. This was not surprising considering how traumatizing the Prime Evil event had been.

The Angel of Desire has gone through a complete change and lost her appetite for arrogance or pride. Yet she does not consider summoning the Prime Evil wrong- She blamed her inability to defeat it. She wants to be more powerful, powerful enough to defeat the Prime evil, to protect everyone she loves.

This time, with the Life Share ability, she understands relying on the strength of cooperation with allies. She still roams the world to find clues leading to the Prime Evil, while constantly seeking friends and allies of the same belief. She can only rest once the Prime Evil was completely eliminated, and then, she would be truly redeemed.

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