New Update

Jun 19, 2017

New Features:

Social - Added Facebook Share and Like Quests. Share your journey, invite friends to play, and earn great rewards.
New Mode - Added new PvP tournament mode: Ultimate Duel.
*Ultimate Duel is open daily and consist of 3 stages: Sign up, Group Duel, and Master Duel.
*Each player must have 2 teams and each team can have up to 3 Heroes.
*Group Duel is a round-robin points tournament. The top 32 ranked players at the end of Group Duel will move on to Master Duel.
*Master Duel is a double bracket elimination tournament. 32 players face off until the final champion is crowned.
Heroes - Added new Legendary Hero: Dora.
Guild - Added Guild Tech. Learn Guild Tech to buff the stats of your Heroes.
Guild - Added Guild Dungeon. Work together with your guild to take down challenging bosses for rich rewards.
Game Helper - The Game Helper will periodically offer useful tips in the World chat channel.


Rankings - Players can now view detailed Hero information of others in Global Rankings.
Guild - BR and Contribution stats can now be viewed in the Guild member list.
Guild - If a Guild leader is offline for 3 days, the leader position will be automatically transfered to the next best candidate (based on position, then contribution, then BR).
Guild - Lowered Contribution requirements for Guild Contribution Chests.
Guild - Increased join request limit to 100.
Heroes - Alecta: Slightly reduced chance to Confuse for all skills that apply Confuse, and now confused targets will have their ATK lowered by 50%.
Protect - When activating Hero Protect, a popup will now display with the activated effects.
Shop - Optimized when the red dot prompt is suppose to show.
Shop - Increased quantity of Hero Certificates in Arena Shop to 300.
Upgrading - Hero Promotion Emblem can now be salvaged for 5 Hero Certificates.
Recruit - Using Free Draws and Scrolls to recruit now count towards Diamond Recruit events.
Labyrinth - Greatly reduced the difficulty of later levels.

Bug Fixes: 

Guild - Fixed an issue with member offline time not displaying correctly.
Honor Trial - Fixed an issue with Action points not recovering correctly.
Honor Trial - Fixed a display error with Honor Trial points.
Honor Trial - Fixed a display error with Challenge point recovery time in the Player Info panel.
Labyrinth - Fixed an issue with being unable to cancel the use of items.
Battle - Fixed an issue with Burning effects not working in battle.
Rankings - Fixed an issue with Heroes not showing up in a player’s formation in BR Rankings.

Audio - Fixed an issue with sound effects looping when using potions.

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