League of Angels: Paradise Land New Player 7-Day Guide-Round Two

Jul 3, 2017

Setting up a good team of lays a six a good foundation for the journey in the Paradise Land, and then we should explore how to increase the potential combat capability for the long run.


Reasonable Lineup Guarantees Stronger Strength


The game's combat power is a rigid index, but after the first day, player may find out the phenomenon that the weak one can overcome the strong one in the arena or dungeon, how do they approach to do that?



Just imagine that, if you are faced with a full tank team, it is very easy to beat your component even you two have the same BR. In fact, the initial lineup has told the player that reasonable collocation of shield, priest, output, and auxiliary control is the key to success. While in the game, whether the player joins in PVP or PVE, flexible collocation lineup should be chosen. When it comes to the selection of the violent output or steady control, depending on your preferences and the compositions of your opponent. 


Reasonable Layout Leads to Easier Victory


After settling the lineup, have you ever considered the layout of the heroes? The editor supposes that each of you would put Zweihander in the first row, however, there are three positions, which one would he specifically be fit in? Confronted with the different opponents, even with the same line up, varying your layout will change the result of the battle. 


Take the Adventure Mode in 7-10 as an example, the output of the monsters is in the second row, if the players puts the heroes which don’t belong to the field of TANK in the first row, then the hero will die very soon and thus lead to the loss the combat. 


If you put Zweihander in the middle of the first row and Lunaria in the second row (which can increase the HP), then the output of the Boss will be resisted, only if we can deal with the Monsters, Victory is coming very close. 


Team Skill Makes Combat More Relax


Many players hold the opinion that they will unlock more team skills later in the game, so it is they will randomly and casually choose the team skill. Even though this won’t become a big problem, the players can still pursue a better strategy in choosing the team skill. In fact, different team skills are fit for their own suitable environment. 


When faced with the weak enemy, choose “March” can easily ends this combat. When faced with an opponent with close strength, “Unity” will perform better. So if the combat is hard to end, try another team skill.


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