Strategy of Booty Bay in Paradise Land

Jul 8, 2017

Warriors, during your journey in the Paradise Land, magistone is one of the indispensable resources for uplifting your BR. The main way to obtain it is through Booty Bay, come and have a peek of how to approach the magistone you want. 

Available Level

Booty Bay is available at Level 14.



How to Enter


Click the icon of Booty Bay in the main interface. 


On the left side, there is a list of magistones which you can choose to plunder. Each magistone is made up of several shards, plunder the shards and you can combine them into a complete one. 


On the right corner of the bottom, you can claim the rewards or select the “immunity” to protect yourself from being plundered.


Rules of Plunder


1. Rare magistone can be plundered infinitely, as for the epic and legendary ones, only if you have obtained the corresponding shards that you have the chance to plunder. The higher quality the magistone, the more shards that it needs to combine a complete one. 


2. When you plunder the shards from other players, there is possibility that yours will be plundered, the information of plundering can be checked through mails.


3. Click the button “plunder” you can start. Each time there are five players available for plundering, and the possibility of plundering successfully is shown next to the icon of the hero. Click the hero and start plundering. Plundering the hero with higher BR may be faced the possibility of losing. 


4. Each plunder will consume energy potion and it can be reset automatically each day and you can also purchase to supplement. 


5. When you reach the VIP 4, click “quick plunder” and claim all the available magistones. And select “automatically spend energy pills to restore energy” to save time. 


6. When you collect all the shards that you need, click “combine” to get the complete magistone. 



If you are afraid of getting plundered by other players, you can open “immunity”. 10 Diamonds for 1-hour Immunity, 30 Diamonds for 8-Hour Immunity. But if you start plundering other players, then the immunity stops. 



Rewards for Plundering

Each time you plunder, you can get diamonds, golds, stamina potion and any kind of magistone shards, there is also chance for you to plunder the shards that you want. 


When you reach certain counts of plunder, or you have combined certain number of magistones in different qualities, you can claim Magistone shard chest, EXP Magistone as well as Magistone Purifying Stone. For more information, click “rewards.”

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