How to Enhance in LoA-Paradise Land with Protect

Jul 14, 2017

Warriors, after joining Paradise Land for 1-2 months, have you noticed the “protect” interface in the Hero Cultivation? Once you reach certain requirements, you can activate the emblem and gain additional attributes. 




Choose the Icon of “Hero”, click the hero that you need to upgrade and enter the cultivation interface. Press the “Enhance” and you can see “protect” in the fourth line. 


【Attributes Enhance】

In “protect”, hero will activate corresponding emblem once it meets the requirements and gain various kinds of additional attributes. Unlocking conditions include weapon refining, set advanced magistone. etc. 


Take Ice Blade as an example, there are five emblems that can be activated. 




The condition for activating the first emblem is to set a legendary magistone once player reaches Level 14. Once set it, Ice Blade can gain additional 300+ ATK in spite of the attribute gaining of the magistone itself. 


Refining to epic and legendary weapon also leads to additional attributes increase. Refine Snow Wolf Sword to Epic can activate 8% + ATK Bonus, refine Snow Wolf Sword to Legendary can activate 12% + ATK Bonus. 


Awakening weapon can also activate emblem, awakening Snow Wolf Sword can unlock hero passive skill [Burn], and increase DEF 300+; awaken Snow Wolf Pact can increase ATK 300 and HP 2200. 


Warriors, it is tactical to make a choice on which emblem to activate in [Protect]. 

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