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The Most Basic Things to Do in LoA-Paradise Land

Jul 22, 2017
Warriors, how to Top in your server is always a good question for you to solve. Here are some basic tips on how to increase your battle rating fast enough to be ranked. 

First let’s talk about the game events.



1. Carnival and Server fund. Carnival is the best event for you to get ahead of others in a new server. Log in and fulfill requirements to obtain all kinds of resources you need at early stage. You will even get a super powerful hero for a total login of 7 days. Server fund is another great event with 10 times rebate. If you don’t want to invest too much, you can get just enough from server fund.  



2. Monthly card. Another great event for small spenders is the monthly card. I suggest you activate both the silver and gold privileges. They really save a lot diamonds for you! 



Now here comes the most important stuff - how to choose the best formation of heroes and level up quickly. 


Hero selection


It is hard to say which heroes are the best. However, the best hero formations would be “One Defense hero + one Support hero + one Control hero + three Attack heroes” or “One Defense hero + one Support hero + two Control heroes + two Attack heroes”. This is to activate the formation Aura and gain extra buff for the team. I was using Night Sentinel + Mikaela (ATK), High Priestess (Support), Draconia (Defense) and Alecta + Elrodil (Control). This is good enough for most situations, be it dungeons, Labyrinth or Arena. Choose the team skill “Ultimate Skill” and set sequences so that your Control heroes are the first to cast their Ultimate. It will be much easier for you to win the fights. Remember the higher your level is, the faster you can cast your ultimate again. 


You will get a free hero selection chest from Carnival event. I suggest you choose Alecta, whose skills can confuse your enemies (confused enemies have a chance to attack their friends). Do diamond recruit with the summoning scrolls from gold privilege each day (You are guaranteed to get a legendary hero for the first 10 tries, and after that you can get a guaranteed legendary every 20 times). 




Hero Enhancement 


Not too much to say about this. As long as you have enough material, just do it. Beware that ascension progress for current level will decrease 10% each day, so don’t leave unfinished progress hanging around! For example, I am currently trying to ascend Draconia from +4 to +5, I will have to save more or less 1100 Ascend Stone as the progress shows 1100 points. This way we will not be losing the percentage if I can’t ascend it in one day.




Never rush in to buy stuff that you can get for free, for example the magistones. You can buy it with 600 diamonds, but it’s generally not worth it, unless you really need it for a specific hero.


All equipment (Refinement included) or magistones should be leveled up to the same level, to activate Enhance bonus.


Whenever you want to convert a hero, always remember the shards of the hero will also be converted. There was a sad story but I won’t say it.


Following above tips can accelerate your growth from the start. Fight for the top 1 in LoA - PL!  




Additional Information:
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Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LoAParadiseLand/
GTarcade Game Platform: https://www.gtarcade.com

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