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New Update Comes with the Fall of New Hero Victoria

Jul 27, 2017

Warriors, the new update has embraced its grand release with many new gameplays added, new hero as well as new events. Come and check what's been updated.



Update Content:

1. Brand New Main Interface
2. Battles have increased in strategic depth with new changes to skill usage
  *Players can now select targets with Rage and Ultimate skills in manual mode
3. New equipment: Relics
  *Relics upgrade unlocks at Lv.50 (access from Hero Upgrade panel)
  *Relics come in 3 qualities: Rare, Epic, and Legendary
  *Jewels can be slotted into Relics and drop from Nightmare Stages
  *Jewels come in 9 types and each with 5 qualities (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary)
  *Each Hero can only equip 1 Relic
4. New Stages: Nightmare difficulty
  *Nightmare Stages are available at Lv.50 (access from the Stage map)
  *Nightmare stages are only available once the corresponding normal stages are cleared
  *Nightmare Stages have their own stage clear requirements
*Nightmare Stages have their own Blessing effects that players can activate randomly each day
  *Nightmare Stages drop Jewels and Relic Essences, essences are used to buy items in the Relic Shop
5. Relic Shop
  *New shop that sells Relics and Jewels
6. New Mode: Invasion
  *Available at Lv.24
  *Players fight off waves of invading monster while earning rewards based on the time spent; players can even earn resources while offline
  *Bossess will periodically appear and give extra rewards when killed
  *Players can request help from guildmates to kill the Bosses
7. Added new “Conquest” mode to Ultimate Duel
  *Available to Lv.50 players on servers that are at least 15 days old
  *Conquest takes place on Saturday (Group Stage) and Sunday (Master Stage)
  *Players must be promoted to Master Duel from Monday to Friday to qualify for Conquest
  *This cross-server tournament takes place in Battle Clusters (each Battle Cluster consists of 10 servers, grouped based on server launch time)
  *All players can Cheer for participants that make it into the Master Stage and get rewards; Participants receive Prestige when cheered for, which can be used to buy battle buffs
  *All players on the same server as the Grand Champion will receive a cool reward
8. Added new Progression Quests, complete these for great rewards
9. Added language suppot for Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese
10. Added new 2nd week Carnival events
11. Added Battle Cluster rankings and chat (available at Lv.50)
  *Each Battle Cluster contains 10 servers

Hero Changes:
1. Feather and Lunaria can now be Promoted
2. Many Rage and Ultimate skills now allow target selection in manual mode
  *Most single target skills changed to select a target in the front row
  *Some single target skills changed to random single target
  *Vertical hitting skills changed to select a column of enemies
  *Back row skills changed to select any row
  *Remaining skills remain unchanged
3. Zweihander
  *Rage skill changed to restore HP and increase DEF for 2 rounds
4. Feather
  *Rage skill changed to attack a column of enemies and reduce DEF
  *Ultimate skill changed to attack a column of enemies and reduce DEF
5. Little Witch
  *Rage skill will turn one enemy into an animal for 1 turn and increase the damage the enemy takes
*Ultimate skill will turn one enemy into an animal for 2 turns and increase the damage the enemy takesround6. Ice Blade
7. Lunaria
  *Rage skill is now select any enemy row
8. Theresa
  *Ultimate skill is now select any row

1. Improved animations for some heroes
2. Adjusted model proportions of heroes
3. Guild Dungeon: Can now view details of claimed chests
4. Arena: Add more prompts when challenging higher BR opponents
5. Hero Convert: Added shards display
6. Stages: Players can now quickly locate their position on the map
7. Improved New Player tutorial
8. Improved speed and tempo of battles to be more smooth
9. Awakening Weapon Badge activation effects changed to ATK+200
11. Improved parts of the UI
12. Refine Equipment limit now increased to Legendary+5
13.Ultimate Duel: AOE type skills have had their damage increased

Bug Fixes:
1. Quick Blitz: Fixed a bug with Quick Blitz being unable to use remaining Blitz attempts
2. Ultimate Duel: Fixed a bug with invalid formations and missing positions
3. Ignore List: Fixed a bug that allowed messages from blocked players
4. Arena: Fixed a bug causing blank hero portraits when viewing other players’ formations
5. Guild: Fixed a bug with transfering Guild leader position
6. Login: Fixed a bug with old server showing as new server in login screen
7. Languages: Fixed some blank areas when using certain languages
8. Honor Trial: Fixed a bug causing incorrect number of challenge attempts to be used

9. Labyrinth: Fixed some errors in the Achievement descriptions


Additional Information:
Official Site: https://pl.gtarcade.com/
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LoAParadiseLand/
GTarcade Game Platform: https://www.gtarcade.com

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