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Version Update Announcement for Game Optimizations

Aug 7, 2017

Warriors, the new update on July 28th has brought so many new gameplays, content as well as new adjustments. In order to provide better experiences, the team has optimized some of the aspects based on players' sincere opinions.  For more information, please check the following update list.


1. The game will no longer pause when players us skills in battle.

2. Players no longer have to select targets for skills that already auto-target (such as skills that target all enemies, all allies, front row, etc.)

3. The first 4 tutorial battles have been shortened. Difficulty of Chapter 2 and 3 have been reduced.
4. Players can now tap to directly receive rewards from Stage Chest if there are any.
5. Fixed a display error showing the wrong Diamond cost for resetting Nightmare Stage.
6. In PVE battles, initial Rage will be determined by a hero's position in the formation. Each position has different initial Rage values.



The new update has optimized the game in every aspect and has made the new version more strategic to play. Now adjust your formation and Top your self in PVE.


Additional Information:
Official Site: https://pl.gtarcade.com/
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LoAParadiseLand/
GTarcade Game Platform: https://www.gtarcade.com

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