Victory born from stubbornness: Victoria

Aug 22, 2017


A common saying is that the Angels, born under the full ritual of Azjora, are the favored children of the Eternal Walker. Victoria, the Angel of Victory, is also favored by the Divine Edge.


Victoria and her sister Celia, the Angel of War were born as twins, which was rare among the Angels. Besides that, they are both gifted with powerful combat capability and strategic thinking. The Angels consider them to be reward and guidance from the Eternal Walker.


Though being twins, they differ much from personality to talent and artifacts.


The enthusiastic and fearless Victoria is the only Angel to wield two Artifacts, the Angels considered her to be unique in that aspect. In comparison, the taciturn Celia was less popular.


Victoria wields Dawn and Dusk, the two artifacts speak of the great expectation placed on her. The Angels hope she can be like the dawn and dusk, guide and protect the future of Angels.


All the people believe that Victoria, favored by the Divine Edge must be able to bring the Angels to a bright and victorious future.


With supernatural speed and absolute desire to victory, Victoria became the Angel of Victory, and the youngest Nine Divine candidate.


She's proud of her ability and achievement, arrogance grew day by day with the praises she received.


Her life in the Elysia was easy and smooth, it looked like nothing could damp her confidence and determination for victory.


Too much praises has blinded her ability to see through the dangerous trap known as arrogance. 


At that time, the Titans invaded, thus beginning a long-lasting war of suffering and entanglement for the Angels.


Victoria asked to be the commander of the Angels against the Titans. The Supreme Angel appreciated her determination and valor, gave her the position.


Celia was worried, she told Victoria to be careful, and do not underestimate the enemy leaders.


Victoria did not take her advice into consideration. Surely the puny Titans would not put up much resistance under her mighty power, and Celia was merely jealous of what she was about to achieve.


The first battle occurred at the outer moon of Elysia, with Victoria commanding an elite force directly charging into the center of the Titan army's formation, aiming to kill the leader of Titans- the Prime Evil.


The Titans crumbles under her swords, their slow movement seems like eternal compares to her superb speed.


Victoria thought nothing of this.


Her target was simply the Prime Evil- Kill him and she would claim victory, another glorious battle that would be documented in the Angels Chronicles.


Standing at the center of the Titans Army, she was directly facing the dark and terrible Prime Evil.  


With a terrible roar from him, thousands of Titans appeared from nowhere and quickly flooded the place.


It was an ambush! Victoria started to feel unease.


She suddenly awoke to the situation- and it was hell. The Angels came with her were being slaughtered by the Titans, blood crimsoned the wings of the Angels.


The Angel of Victory has failed to bring victory to her followers, the Angels were completely devastated.


The Titans surrounded the Prime Evil, forging a wall of metal soldiers. Victoria cannot break through, even with her superior speed.


The proud Victoria finally had a taste of anger, shame and remorse. 

She can do nothing to save them. The dead bodies of the Titan cannot save her followers' life.


At that moment, Victoria realized, that her victories, her glory and honor, would all perish in the dusk of Elysia, and the Angels shall face their dusk, and the night that follows.


And it was all because of her pride and arrogance.


Celia had formed a rescue group, saved Victoria from the battlefield.


But besides that, almost all Angels sent were killed during the battle. The Angels lost a lot that day.


Celia, the Angel of War, was appointed the commander in place of Victoria, to lead the Angels.


Yet the loss of this first major battle spoke of the terrible fate that would befall the Angels.


The Angels gradually lost more grounds and powers to the Titans, they never recovered from the first major defeat.


A war lasting thousand years, it eventually ended with the destruction of Elysis and the failure of the Angels.


Victoria, now in a state of deep remorse and sadness, finally came to realize the damage her arrogance had brought to the Angels.


After the Angels fled to Sapphire, she refused to take on the position as the Nine Divine. She instead recommend her sister, Celia, the Angel of War who has led the Angels during the thousand years war to be among the Nine Divine.


She also steered her mind, determined to defeat the Titans and reclaim Elysis. Then she can prove she truly is the favored of the Divine Edge. She shall take back what belongs to her, the Victory she longs for!


When Dora, the Angel of Desire summoned the Shadow of Prime Evil, She saw an opening. This is finally the time to end her nightmare once and for all.


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