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New Update Brings New Mysterious Hero Light Envoy

Aug 30, 2017

Relic name change

After this update, all current Relics and related features will be renamed to Heirlooms. No changes in gameplay have been made. An all new Relic system will be going live at the same time.


Mode Adjustments          


1. The Arena will no longer reward Arena Coins. Players will now directly receive Hero Certificates as rewards for battles, points, and daily rankings.      

Any Arena Coins that players currently possess will be automatically converted into Hero Certificates (1:1).    

2. The Arena Shop has been removed. The items that could be purchased at certain rankings in the shop has been added to the historical highest ranking reward. 

3. The ability to "Like" the top 10 players has been removed. The Gold reward from this feature has been added to the Points rewards. 


Labyrinth Shop:       

Shop has been changed to unlock items according to your cleared difficulty.        


Hero Adjustments           

Crimson Lord:  Crimson Lord has been adjusted from an Epic Hero to a Legendary Hero. All upgrades and Codex stats remain unchanged.     


New Content

1.New Mysterious Hero: Light Envoy

2.New content for Heirloom system (formerly Relic system)

*Added Rebirth and Salvage functions for Heirlooms. Rebirth will reset an Heirloom's upgrades and refund all upgrade resources; Salvage will break down Heirlooms into Heirloom shards.

*Heirloom Shop (formerly Relic Shop) now sells rare and epic Heirloom Shards.

*Heirloom Upgrade: Use Heirloom Stones and Heirloom Crystals to upgrade the stats of Heirlooms.

*Heirloom Advance: Use Heirloom Shards and Gold to increase Heirloom stats and enhance their unique Heirloom skills.

*Heirloom Codex: Collect different Heirlooms to activate bonus stats from the Codex.

3.New Mode: Guild Bounty

4.Brand new Relic system

 Resource for new relic system is gained by first clearing normal stages. Old players will receive the due rewards via in-game mail.  



1.Added prompt about Stamina not being refunded when leaving battles in Adventure.

2.Highlight of previous season of Ultimate Duel now includes Group Stage rankings.


Bug Fixes

1.Fixed an issue with Alecta becoming unkillable after equipping the Bloodstone Heirloom (former Relic).

2.Fixed an issue with chat being lost occasionally.

3.Fixed some issues with Battle replays not showing the exact replay.

4.Fixed an issue with Frozen Heart's Ultimate skill displacing its target.

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