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The Light from Darkness: Light Envoy Liz

Sep 11, 2017

Light's Brilliance is a small town of the Human's realm. Yet its fame is definitely not small, for it was a core region of the various Human civil wars, constant warfare has brought great turmoil to the city. Tanya, the Angel of Light blessed the town, rendering it an invincible neutral ground, ended the war that's been plaguing it. The city was in turn changed to Light's Brilliance.


Two years later, Governor of the Light's Brilliance sired a blind daughter. The Angel of Light appeared again, cured the blindness with her Angel's Kiss, and named the kid Liz. 

Liz has decided to serve the Angel of Light with her whole life, she became the only human handmaiden to her. She was modest and insist on being a maid, although the Angel of Light treated her as a sister.


Liz had always thought her life will be like this, simple and happy.


Yet her peaceful life ended very soon. With the Chaos Wars and the Abyssal Invasion, countless lingering spirits were born in the world of Sapphire. These spirits, fused with human's anger, greed, fear, jealousy and lust, devoured each other, born an evil and strong spirit - The Anarchy. The Supreme Angel Bernice led the Angels and the Empire's Army to defend against it. 

The Anarchy, although defeated, made the Angels paid a heavy price. The Supreme Angel Bernice was lost in the Eye of Destruction, along with the Anarchy.


After her fall, the Angel of Fate took Paramount's Supreme Angel's position according to Bernice's will. The Angel of Light was the more popular choice. She took offense and left the Paramount.


Liz naturally followed her. Wandering around the Sapphire, a harsh life, yet they enjoyed much freedom.


This all changed until the Angel of Light met the man she loved for life.


And this man, is Liz's brother.


Love between Angels and the folks has always been forbidden. Under the careful scheme of the SEED Regulatory Commission, Liz's brother was cursed to become a monster.


The drastic act of the commission made the Angel of Light heart-broken, she lost control of her power, transforming to the dark side. In the last moment of her clarity, she transferred her power of the light into Liz's body. Bathing in the light for her whole life, Liz has the ability to withstand such strong power.


The last word she heard was "Go find Fortuna" before Tanya turned into the Dark Lord.


The merciless Dark Lord did not harm Liz. Instead it chose Paramount as the primary target.


The fight lasted seven days. The whole Paramount was reduced to ashes, the Dark Lord was sealed by the Angels for an eternity. The Angel of Light was sealed as well.


Liz followed the order of the Angel of Light, came to the Angel of Fate, Fortuna, becoming the Light Envoy. Being a Human with Angel powers, she is the liaison between the Supreme Council and the Humans. Liz does not forgive the commission for causing her brother and causing Tanya losing control. Yet her natural kindness prevents her from revenge. Her wish is simple: Save her brother's soul, and save the Angel of Light.


Almost all thought the Angel of Light were dead.


Yet Liz's been finding ways to save her. The Lunar Priestess and the Angel of Moon held the same thoughts as her. The Angel of Moon even felt Tanya's presence in the Moon Dream.


The three of them established a small alliance, aiming to purify the Dark Lord and save the Angel of Light.


She would do this, even at the cost of her life.

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