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New Update with Exalted Relics

Sep 30, 2017


New Content

1 Added new type of Relics - Exalted Relics
2 Added 3 new Adventure mode Relics.
3 Added new Player Title system. Complete for titles of glory and status, and obtain their valuable stat bonuses.
4 Added new Resource Recovery system. If players are inactive for over a day, they can recover a portion of the EXP and resources they missed.

Hero Changes
1 Amazon Hunter Rage Skill: Damage bonus 24%→60%, rage reduction204→102
2 Headless Horseman Rage Skill: Damage bonus 130%→200%
3 Zen Guardian Rage Skill: Damage bonus 84%→126%
4 Arcane Spirit Rage Skill: Damage bonus 24%→90%
Arcane Spirit Upgrade +4: Absorb rage 120→140
5 Ice Blade Rage Skill: Damage bonus 119%→161%, removed Bleed effect. (Removed effect will be regained at Upgrade +7)
6 Frozen Heart Rage Skill: [each attack deals 84% DMG] →[each attack deals 56% DMG plus 3% of target's HP]
Frozen Heart Special Skill: Damage bonus 235%→180%, proc chance very low→low
* Above numbers are based on stats at level 1

1 Lowered EXP requirements to level up a Guild from Lv.40 to Lv.50.
2 Normal, Elite, and Nightmare stages can now be Blitzed after clearing with 1 star.
3 Creating a Guild no longer requires VIP1.
4 Players can now spend Diamonds to clear the 24 hour cooldown after leaving a Guild.
5 If multiple players have the same points in the Guild Bouty weekly rankings, BR will be used to determine rank.
6 The max HP of all Heroes have been increased by 50% in Ultimate Duel and Conquest.

Bug Fixes
1 Fixed an issue causing the chat translation tool to not function.
2 Fixed an issue causing monsters to face the wrong direction in Stages.

3 Fixed a bug with Victoria passing negative statuses to allies if she is inflicted with a control effect while using her Rage skill.


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