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New Mythic Hero Wind Daner Arrives

Oct 12, 2017
New Content
1 New Mode: Daily Trial
*Unlocked at lv.25
*Challenge Bosses to earn EXP potions, Upgrade Stones and Gold
2 New Mythic Hero: Wind Dancer 
3 New Exalted Relic added - Eternal Sun and Stormcaller
4 Chest reward added to elite stages
5 Guessing contest added to Ultimate Duel: guess who will win?
6 Voice chat added to chat

Mode Adjustments
1 Invasion upgraded to Mineral War
In this update, Invasion has been upgraded to Mineral War with more interaction and better rewards!
*Players can occupy mines to earn gold, relic crystal and mineral gem. Mineral gems can be used to exchange exalted relic shards in mineral war shop. 
2 Now Carnival event starts on the day character is created in all servers.
After update, the current Carnival day might change for players whose server was opened within 2 weeks. Your current task progress, claimed rewards and purchased items will be saved. 
3 As we have added a few new gameplay that produces gold, battle rewards in Honor Trial are changed from gold to ascension stone. 

Hero Adjustments
1 Forest Ranger's Rage Skill: Damage bonus 54%→81%, Stun rate 42%→35%
2 Savage Blade's Rage Skill: Damage bonus 54%→90%,  Rage sealing rate 39.7%→16.3%
3 Astral Hunter promoted from Epic grade to Legendary grade
Astral Hunter's Rage Skill: Damage bonus increased to 126%, Silence rate increased to 48% 
*Rebirthing Astral Hunter now rewards an extra of 200 Hero Promotion Emblems
4 Draconia's Rage Skill: Damage bonus 90%→99%
5 Dark Knight's Rage Skill: Damage bonus 103.5%→126%, DEF reduction -39.66%→ -27.76%
6 Templar's Rage Skill: Damage bonus 100%→180%
7 Victoria's Rage Skill: Damage bonus 63%→84%
8 Alecta's Rage Skill: Damage bonus 45%→67.5%
9 Crimson Lord's Rage Skill: Damage bonus 114%→101%, removed Rage sealing effect on self
10 Little Witch's Special Skill: Polymorphs the enemy in mirrored position into a sheep and increase their DMG taken by 10%
Little Witch's Rage Skill: Now inflicts damage on 3 random enemies

1 Labyrinth optimization: 
*Now you can buy shovels in Labyrinth. Simply click the rocks to buy them. 
*If current adventure step is 0, you may click any adjacent map square to buy adventure steps
2 Max HP incresed by 25% for all heroes in Arena
3 BOSS information added at the beginning of BOSS battles
4 Manual fighting improved. Skills will be instantly cast upon clicking at applicable targets
5 Translators improved. Now you can click to translate specific messages even when translator is not enabled. 
6 Players cannot receive more EXP in Resource Recovery if they reach max level
7 Daily Quests for new modes added
8 Now VIP players can choose to hide their VIP level
9 Theresa's splash art updated

Bug fixed
1 Fixed incorrect display of hero quality when checking other players' hero info
2 Removed 30 characters limit in chat function
3 Fixed music setting does not remember your preferences

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