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18/12 New Update

Dec 18, 2017
Warriors, here comes another new update bringing lots of new content including new stages, new hero and new companion. A great mant game adjustments have also been realized in this new version. Now login the game and check all the best new content as well as the optimizations.

New Content :
1) New Stages :
*Added Normal Stages Chapter 81-100, Elite Stages 217-274, and Nightmare Stages Chapter 31-38.
*Added new normal and elite stage achievements. 
2) Added new Epic Companion - Rudy. 
3) Added new SS Grade (formerly Mythic grade) Hero - Lucian. 
4) Added a Game Calendar that allows players to check status of all game modes and easily access them. 
5) Added Blitz function for Guild Dungeon :
* Blitz damage calculation is based on. your historical highest damage done to the specific Boss. 
6) Added option to bind your account to your email for enhanced security. You can find this new feature in Events. 
7) Added companion related achievements and daily quests.

Game Adjustments :
1) Brand new progression interface :
* Added hero navigation bar that allows quick switching among your heroes.
* Check all your progression status from one screen. 
* Access each progression system more conveniently than ever.
2) Stage traits in the Temple of the Void has been adjusted to the following: 
* Ultima regen of all enemies increased by 120.
* Front row of enemies recover 20% of max HP each turn.
* Rage regen of all enemies increased by 60.
* Leech effect of all enemies increased by 15%. 
* Damage of front row enemies increased by 30%.
* Damage of all enemies increased by 10% each turn.
3) Hero grades have been changed from Epic, Legendary, Mystery, and Mythic to: A, S, S+, SS 
Epic → A 
Legendary → S 
Mystery → S+ 
Mythic → SS 
4) Skip function added to Temple of the Void 
* If a player's BR is 1.5 times higher than the enemy's recommended BR, they can choose to skip battle and directly get rewards.

Optimizations :
1) Companion System Improvements :
* Added quick undeployment of companions in companion progression interface.
* Added status preview of each codex level in companion codex. 
2) Now when players fail a guild bounty battle, they will gain a status bonus so the difficulty of their next challenge attempt will be lowered.
3) Added Magic Dust and Mark of the Void to Resource Recovery. 
4) Added new background scenes in the Temple of the Void.
5) Updated reward screen after battle.
6) Now players can click on the reward screen to skip the animation and see all rewards immediately.
7) Hero models and grade description has been added to the Hero activation screen.

Bug Fixes :
1) Fixed Gusto companion's Battle Turn Skill description to ""Cast a 380% shield on a random ally that lasts up to 2 turns"". 
2) The Resource Recovery button will now disappear when there is no resource to claim.
3) Added damage done by companions in Honor Trial and Guild Dungeon.
4) Fixed reversing stack numbers for Frost Shards.
5) Fixed issue with Aurora not being able to add more than one stack of Frost Shards when upgraded to +11.
6) Fixed issue with deploying companions that are already blessing heroes.
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