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Companion System Accompanies You A Grateful Thanksgiving

Dec 5, 2017

This Thanksgiving, a brand new Companion System will be open for celebrating this Big Day. The Companion System functions like the Hero System, you can collect certain amount of shards to combine, and each companion owns different kinds of quality which are rare, epic and legendary. 


Companion Progression

Companions can be levelled up and advanced. It can be levelled up by using magic dust which are divided into three quality: Light Magic Dust, Medium Magic Dust and Heavy Magic Dust. Companion Advance needs the same type of companion shards. 




Companion Recruit

Companion shards can be recruited in the interface shown below. More shard can also be obtained from events.




Companion Blessing 

Equipping a Companion can provide lots of Blessing stats for your Hero (Blessing stats is based on Companion's quality, level, and stars). Activate Companion Talents to increase Blessing stats, Blessing stats is the bonus that a Companion provides for the blessed hero. 




Companion Codex

In this Companion System, companion Codex is also added which is available at Lv.60. Once activated, Codex stats are added to all deployed Heroes. Obtain all the Companions listed in the Codex to activate it. There are also upgrade function for companion codex once certain pair of companion reaches it Star Level. You can also Tap Companion Codex to access the Advance function. 




Temple of the Void

In Temple of Void, abundant companion resources such as companion shards and magic dust can be obtainable if clearing the stages. Rewards can chests can be obtained if defeating the enemies stationed and bosses stationed. 



Feel excited about the Companion System? All will be available in the next update coming soon. 

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