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LoA-Paradise Land New Update with Exquisite Gameplays

Nov 25, 2017

New Content : 

1) Increased player level cap to 110 
*Hero level cap increased to 110. 
*Equipment Enhance level cap increased to 220.
2) New Exalted Relic: The Lifebinder 
*Can be obtained from the Mineral Shop.
3) Added 4 additional Activity Chests to Daily Quests. Reach 160 Activeness to get: 

Diamonds*50, Summoning Scroll*3, Energy Potion*2, Refresh Scroll*5


Hero and Skill Adjustments : 

1) Savage Blade: Can now be Promoted to Legendary grade.
2) Dora: Rage skill now restores HP equal to 47.3% of own ATK to the back row heroes and increases their ATK by 13.1% for 2 turns . 
3) Arcane Spirit: Ultimate skill now deals 246% damage to all enemies and 30% bonus damage to targets with negative debuffs. 
4) Amazon Hunter: Rage skill changed from 6 targets to 3 targets with the highest Rage, Rage reduction increased from 102 to 199. 
5) Zen Guardian: Special skill DR increased from 35% to 45%, damage absorbed at Upgrade+11 increased from 35% to 40%.
6) Earthshaker: Rage skill now automatically targets the enemy with the highest ATK. 

7) Headless Horseman: Rage skill damage increased from 200% to 240%.


Function Adjustments :

1) Honor Trial 
*Added Auto-Challenge Boss function (unlocked at Lv.65 or VIP 7) 
*Optimized the interface 
2) Daily Trial 
*Increased number of Challenge stages, original stage rewards are unchanged 
*Improved interface and special effects
Optimizations :
1) Reduced difficulty of Chest monster in Labyrinth.
2) Players can now skip the Recruit animation.
3) Added reward overview to Plunder All function.
4) Added prompts to main interface and tabs when Nightmare Stage Challenge points are full. 
5) Optimized name and descriptions of VIP Titles.
6) Added Formation shortcut to Guild Bounty interface. 
7) Quick buying Runes will now automatically equip them. 
8) Added Switch Accounts option to Basic Functions. 
9) Added Monthly Card tab to Events. 
10) Optimized monsters in stages. 
11) Optimized and polished game sound effects.
12) Optimized how the game handles poor network connection or brief disconnections .

13) Optimized Relic upgrade interface and animations.


Bug Fixes :
1) Fixed an issue with Theresa's Rage skill requiring the player to select a target. 
2) Fixed an issue with messages from ignored players still being shown. 
3) Fixed an issue with Carnival missing a red dot prompt. 
4) Fixed an issue with the Voucher and Diamond icons overlapping in Lucky Wheel. 
5) Fixed an issue with the Shop Weekly Pack showing the buy confirmation message repeatedly.
6) Fixed an issue in Labyrinth where players were seeing monsters remaining after they cleared the level (under poor network connection).
7) Fixed an issue in Labyrinth not being able to open the gold chest when player has the gold key. 
8) Fixed an issue with Honor Trial Boss' HP bar being offset.
9) Fixed an issue with missing icons for some skill effects.

10) Fixed an issue with Heirloom shards owned being shown as 0 when viewing Heirloom details.


Additional Information:

Official Site: https://pl.gtarcade.com/

Facebook Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/LoAParadiseLand/

GTarcade Game Platform:https://www.gtarcade.com

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