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New Update with Rose Knight & Admiral

Oct 24, 2017

Warriors, the heroes you have longed for quite a long time are finally released within the new update. Check out the contents of the updated version and explore a fantastic new world. 


New Content
1 Added 2 new Heroes: Rose Knight (Legendary), Admiral (Mythic).
2 Stages:
*Added Normal Stages Chapter 56-80, Elite Stages 145-216, Nightmare Stages Chapter 21-30
*Added new Stage achievements
*Players can now skip the battle for First Clear of Normal and Elite stages (reach Lv.45 or VIP 4 to access)
3 Added 6 new difficulties in Labyrinth.
4 Added 2 new Exalted Relics: Celestial Light, Dusk.
5 Added VIP-based Titles.

Stat Adjustments
1 Exalted Relics:
*Fixed an issue with Relics not providing the intended amount of stats. Adventure and Exalted Relics will see an increase in BR from their upgrades.
Total BR from Adventure Relics and upgrades have increased by roughly 30%. Base stats of all Exalted Relics except Stormcaller have increased by roughly 50%.
2 Title system:
Increased the stats of Titles for BR, Leveling, Stages, and Labyrinth, and lowered the stats on PvP titles. For full details, visit the official news: https://pl.gtarcade.com/events/13229.html
3 Refining Stones:
Increased the drop rate of Epic and Legendary Refining Stones from Stages by 100%.

Gameplay/Function Adjustments
1 Labyrinth and Equipment Refining:
*Number of levels changed from 4 to 2 and rewards doubled, total rewards remains same as before the change.
*Rage and Ultima will now reset after each battle.
*Now when players have the same Labyrinth level and points for rankings, BR will be taken into account to determine rank.
*Optimized level selection interface.
*Players can now more easily buy Refining materials in the Equipment Refine interface.
2 Booty Bay:
*Removed animation for Quick Plunder, now shows results immediately.
*Added Plunder All function, which allows players to automatically plunder the type of Magistone shards they have selected.
3 Honor Trial:
*Wheel has been changed to a dice roll, tap Auto to automatically use attempts without stopping.
*Added Objectives, earn extra Ascend Stones, Diamonds, Gold, and Awaken Keys by exploring.
*Increased Boss HP and amount of points that can be earned, and adjusted point rewards.
*Added Explore records to view all earned rewards for the day.
4 Advance feature:
*Materials in the Advance Shop will not unlock based on Elite stage cleared, and will always be available (refresh option has been removed in light of this change).
*Advance materials can no longer be combined.
*Elite stages will drop higher quality Runes sooner. Starting from Chapter 14, Elite stages will no longer drop Legendary or Mythic Runes, and only drop Rune Souls. Players can directly buy Legendary/Mythic Runes in the Rune Shop.
*Players can now more easily buy Advance materials in the Advance interface.
5 Battles:
*Increased size of hero models and silghtly reduced distance between heroes during battle.
*Removed numbers on HP bars to increase hero visibility.
*Added zoom-in effect when using Rage skills.
*Added new battle backgrounds, optimized visuals.
6 Carnival:
*Week 1: Added Carnival quests for Mineral War
*Week 2: Added new Carnival quests for Guild Bounty, Heirloom, and Labyrinth, and adjusted conditions and rewards for some existing quests.
*Week 2: Due to additions of new features over time that have raised the average BR overall, we have increased the BR requirements for Week 2, as well as the rewards. These changes will not affect servers currently on Week 2.
*Bug fix: Week 2 Carnival will no longer include Week 1's progress.
7 Adjusted contents of VIP Gift packs, all VIP Gifts can be purchased after the update.

1 Adjusted main interface function layout.
2 Optimized main story stages, reduced difficulty of some stages.
3 Heirlooms and Jewels:
*Players can now select an amount when combining Heirlooms.
*Players can now tap the Heirloom icon to directly access progression interface.
*Players can now directly access Jewel Codex from main interface.
*Optimized when red dot is shown for Jewel Enhance.
*Optimized selected effect in Jewel Enhance.
*Now all Jewels give 1.5X EXP when consumed instead of just same-type ones.
4 Mineral War:
*Added Question mark icon to Guild Bonus info list that can be tapped to view more details.
*Added red dot prompt for when Mining Area Tech can be activated.
*Added tag to the target player when jumping to a mine using Quick Search and Revenge.
*Adjusted type and quanitity of mines in Mining Areas.
5 Ultimate Duel:
*Tap on hero in Sign-up interface to open the Formation interface.
*Tap on hero in Master Duel to see the opposing players info.
*Added Guessing Contest icon to Master Duel details interface.
*After the Guessing Contest has ended, the champion player will be shown.
6 Nightmare Stages:
*Instead of purchasing Challenge points, players now purchase items that add Challenge points when used.
*Players can now skip the battle for a stage once it has been cleared with at least 1 star.
*Added red dot prompt when Challenge points are full.
*Added Heirloom Shop to Nightmare stage interface.
*Optimized Blitz display.
*Optimized Star chest reward display.
7 Daily Trial:
*Reduced starting ATK and incremental ATK increases of Bosses.
*Added animation for unlocking difficulities.
*Optimized interface.
*Optimized info prompt for damage done and first clear after a battle.
8 Added shards of Feather to Progression Quest rewards.
9 Added quick buy and skip options for Stamina, Energy, Challenge points, and other similar functions.
10 Optimized game audio.
11 Players can now see Hero level, Advance level, Upgrade level, class, and grade when viewing hero info of other players.
12 Added descriptions for many game modes and game functions.

Bug Fixes
1 Fixed an issue with Book of Seals Heirloom functionality.
2 Fixed an issue with missing red dot indicator for some events.
3 Fixed an issue with chat text overlapping.
4 Fixed an issue with sound/music settings not saving after relogging.
5 Fixed a display error with EXP of Jewels that have been upgraded.
6 Fixed an issue that prevented players from getting 3 stars on some Nightmare stages.
7 Fixed an issue with rare/epic Heirloom Jewel Enhance Master not actually adding stats.
8 Fixed an issue with single Bosses taking extra damage from AOE attacks.
9 Fixed an issue with Nightmare stage reward preview showing the wrong Jewel types.

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