New Hero Shadow Reaper: All Things Wither before Her

Apr 3, 2018

Shadow Reaper, the first of the Reapers from the underworld and possessing incredible power and intelligence, has come to Paradise to lead the demonic armies. In her mortal life, she was Helena, princess of the Freeman kingdom. She was cut down by those who conspired against the throne, but she has returned from the dead to seek her revenge, wielding a scythe granted by Death itself.


Shadow Reaper is a curse-based support hero, with the unique power to weaken her enemy's ATK, DEF and Healing effects. All Things Wither before Shadow Reaper

Skill Overview
Soul Slash (Rage Skill): Experience the grim dance of death! Inflict DMG on all enemies and curse 1 random enemy.
Tempest of Death (Ultimate Skill): Summon a devastating dark vortex to inflict DMG on all enemies and curses two random targets.
Shadow Assault (Special Skill): Brandish the Scythe of Darkness to launch a high-speed surprise attack to inflicts DMG on a single enemy and reduce Healing effects on them.

The shards of Shadow Reaper will be ready for players to collect from Apr 5th to Apr 6th. Moreover, as a buddy of Shadow Reaper, Wind Dancer Shards will also be available in the same period in game, and players who has already claimed Wind Dancer would be given a special offer on Shadow Reaper. Enjoy!
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