New Update with Expedition and Magistone Upgrade

Apr 10, 2018
New Content:

1 Legendary Magistone unlocks quality upgrade.
2 New Game: Expedition
3 New Game Helper
4 New Treasures: Thunderblade
5 +14 Hero Upgrade Levels

Feature Optimization:
1 Fewer requirements to unlock Equipment Refining Stone in Labyrinth
2 Procedure to challenge Guild Dungeon optimized.

Adjustment to Heroes:
1 Admiral
   Starting Rage Skill DMG increased from 75% to 84%, +11 DMG increased to 114%
2 Wind Dancer
   Ultimate Skill auto target is changed to single target in the rear row of the same column, not affected by Taunt or Protect. DMG increased from 1000% to 1400%

Other Improvements:
1 Cybercore and Light Envoy added to Mystery Recruits.
2 Adjusted digit size for CRIT display.
3 Auto-refresh added to Shop.
4 Improved Victory panel letter display.
5 Improved Formation Recommendation.
6 Improved effects of combat buffs.
7 Improved EX-Rage Skill triggers.

Bug Fixes:
1 Fixed the issue of guild name always in green in Dominion.
2 Fixed the issue of blank Battle Info display in Dominion.
3 Fixed the issue of damage not matching Theresa's Rage Skills.
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