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New Update with New Main City and X-Server Gameplays

Jul 2, 2018
7/2 Server Maintenance Notice
We will be bringing down the servers for maintenance on 7/2. The estimated maintenance duration is 4 hours.
HKT 1:00 p.m. – 5 p.m.
EU 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.
US 1 a.m. – 5 a.m.
Please remember to log out before the maintenance. Sorry for all the inconvenience! Thank you for your patience and support for our game.
The following update will be live after the maintenance has completed:

New Content
1.New Main City layout
2.Added new Global feature to many functions
*Global Gifts
*Global Rankings
*Global Friends
*Global Chat
*Global Arena
*Global opponents in Booty Bay
*Global opponents in Mineral War
*Global Conquest
3.Added free Daily Gift for VIP
4.Added new Weekly Privilege Card and Monthly Privilege Card
*Removed former Privilege Card purchase interface, current active cards will last until they expire
5.New story and dialogue voice overs for early Chapters

1.Ultimate Duel & Conquest
*Theresa Shard rewards in Ultimate Duel and Conquest changed to Universal Shards and Weapon Awaken materials
*Conquest now opens once every 2 weeks
*Added new Jewel Essence material (available in 5 qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
*Jewel Upgrade now uses Jewel Essence, which can be obtained by salvaging Jewels from the inventory
3.Nightmare Stages
*Added Heirloom bonus and display to Nightmare Stage monsters
*Adjusted stage rewards, added Jewel Essence to rewards
4.Honor Trial
*Added feature to instantly kill Bosses to skip levels
*Instant a Legendary Boss to increase 3 levels, instant kill a Mythic Boss to increase 5 levels
*Optimized interface and performance
*Optimized early stages experience
*Optimized displayed info
*Fixed related sound issues
*Optimized interface visuals
*Removed Awaken Weapon Shop, the Weapon Awaken feature now directly uses Weapon Souls and Weapon Essence
*Optimized personal stat info
*Hero art now displays after battle
*Added some missing sound effects

1.Heirloom skill now shows in battle
2.Optimized Ultimate Skill visual effects

1.Adjusted content in the New Server event, time period changed to first 2 weeks
2.Removed the 30-day Gift event
3.Removed the 2nd week BR achievement event
4.Optimized visual effects and layout of Event icon
5.Added banners for New Server events

*Ultimate Skill now inflicts damage on 1 enemy in the back row.
2.Forest Ranger
*Rage Skill now inflicts damage on 3 random enemies with chance to stun for 1 round.
*Ultimate Skill now inflicts damage on 3 random enemies with chance to stun for 1 round.
*Ultimate Skill how inflicts damage on 1 enemy and restores his own HP.
4.Lord Lionheart
*Rage Skill now inflicts damage on front row enemies while increasing his own Crit.
*Ultimate Skill damage now inflicts more damage but no longer buffs his own ATK.
*Optimized skill performance and increased clarity of special effects.

1.Optimized sound effects
2.Added notification upon login when a temporary Title has expired
3.Cost to open Awaken Chest adjusted to 80 Diamonds for 1 and 680 Diamonds for 10
4.Optimized the faces on some character models
5.Default battle speed adjusted to 2X speed
6.Optimized visual effects for Stamina interface
7.Optimized visual effects for player level up interface
8.Optimized Codex interface
9.Optimized Inventory salvage
10.Players will now return to their previous interface after a battle ends
11.Optimized the game's story in early chapters
12.Optimized the Shop reward tab
13.Fixed an issue with the music being too low in some areas
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