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New Update with Feature Optimizations and Bug Fixes

Apr 24, 2018
Feature Optimizations:
1 Expedition:
   * Optimized background UI
2 Magistone Refinement:
   * When a Magistone is refined to Mythic quality its name will also change according
3 Dominion:
   * Added ID numbers to Stronghold names

Other Optimizations:
1 Optimized Personal Info panel
2 Optimized Upgrade feedback
3 Added Expedition mode to the Game Calendar
4 Added voice overs for various Hero Ultimate Skills
5 Optimized Hero Codex scrolling
6 Optimized Recharge panel
7 Optimized wait time after deleting a friend
8 Optimized Guild settings feature
9 Optimized Exalted Relic sequence

Bug Fixes:
1 Magistone Refinement - Fixed an issue with a refine level up providing less BR than normal for non-skill levels
2 Magistone Refinement - Fixed an issue with effects displaying in combat when skill was not used

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