New Heirloom – Thundercaller: Bring a New Thunderstorm in the Paradise Land

May 3, 2018

Often called a mad scientist by his peers, Arcane Spirit is obsessed with the study of Thunder. He persisted with his research in controlling the power of thunder in spite of the danger. One day during one of his experiments, Arcane Spirit was consumed by a thunderstorm he had created. The lightning destroyed his body, but his will fused with the lightning and become the core for his powers. He has become a being of pure electricity, and obtained the ability to control the Thunder. In this historic experiments, Arcane Spirit successfully built that formidable arm and named it “Thundercaller” which shows its unique power. 

As a Formless Blade - Thundercaller has its special skill:
Truestrike (LV.6): Increase DI by 5% every turn for 4 turns.
As a result, this new powerful Heirloom is fit for ATK heroes who have high damage, e.g. Wind Dancer, Mikaela, Crimson Lord, Feather, etc. Whoever gets Thundercaller, will gain the power of Thunder in the combat, and have a tremendous advantage to win!
Thundercaller will be available in game from May 3rd to May 4th, now claim it and create a new thunderstorm in the Paradise Land!

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