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New Update with Feature Optimizations of Dominion

May 21, 2018
5/22 Server Maintenance Notice
We will be bringing down the servers for maintenance on 5/22. The estimated maintenance duration is 3 hours.
HKT Servers 14:00 - 17:00
EU Servers 08:00 - 11:00
US Servers 2:00AM - 5:00AM
The following update will be live after the maintenance has completed:

New Content
1 New legendary companion: Ivy  
 *Entry Skill: Bind front-row enemy units for 2 rounds. Reduce CRIT on back-row enemy units for 2 rounds.  
 Battle Turn Skill: Attack front-row enemy units, reducing BLK for 2 rounds and inflicting Stun for 1 round. Can only be triggered once every 2 rounds (6-star effects).  
2 New exalted relic - Shield of Glory  
3 Added blitz feature to Labyrinth  
4 Added bonus effects to relics  
 *Added bonus ultimate damage to adventure relics  
 *Added PvP DI and DR to exalted relics  

Feature Optimizations
1 Stage Optimizations 
 *New stage appearances 
2 Expedition 
 *Improved panels 
3 Summoning Temple 
 *New appearances 
4 Combat 
 *Improved battle UI and performance 
 *New hero EX-Rage skill special effects 
5 Booty Bay 
 *Improved panels 
6 Guild 
 *Improved guild panels 
7 Treasure 
 *Enhanced skill advance effects 
8 Formation Helper 
 *Added newbie formation helper 
9 Dominion 
 *Increased a guild's maximum daily rewards from captured strongholds to 4. Better rewards will be claimed first. 
 *Increased Dominion Coins gained from Dominion Trial. Reduced the cost for purchasing Diamonds. 

Other Optimizations
1 Improved certain panel animations 
2 Improved story 
3 Improved sound effects 
4 Blitz is now unlocked at Lv. 19 or VIP3 
5 Removed the purchase limit in Carnival events 
6 Removed the quest that resets the Labyrinth in Daily Quests 
7 Improved hero's location display in Hero Shop 
8 Improved selection chest display 
9 Improved codex activation and upgrade-related feedback 
10 Improved Events panel 
11 Improved Shop panel 
12 Adjusted Upgrade Stone icon 
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