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New Legendary Companion – Ivy: the Extension of World Tree

May 23, 2018
Hundreds of years ago, in the War of Chaos, the World Tree was severely damaged and close to wilting. In order to save the creatures who live on the tree’s energies, the Angels race descended upon and helped to transfer the power of the ancient tree to the new magic life – Ivy, who was born in the World Tree and is regarding as the extension of the ancient World Tree. 
However, Ivy does not play a role as a protector, she has sharp vines and bramble which give her the power to bind enemies and inflict damage on them. Ivy will be your most loyal and helpful companion in the battleground.
Bramble Cage (Lv.7)
Bind front row enemies for 2 turns, and reduce the Crit of back row enemies by 70% for 2 turns.
Deadly Wound (Lv.7)
Inflict 315% DMG on front row enemies and reduce their BLK by 78.2%, also has a 63% chance to stun 1 front row target.

This new legendary companion will be available in the Carnival Celebration from May 23rd to May 25, don’t miss her if you want to enhance combat effectiveness! Enjoy the game!

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